Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting At Work

I must say this is a first. I am totally out of my routine here today. Since I am the broker's assistant, I usually train new agents. So today we have a new agent taking floor time for the first time so I am essentially "babysitting" here at the office today. I'm knitting socks and listening to XM Radio on AOL. I discovered "Relax Trax" on Lite Sounds.... awesome music... at least to me it is. I could really get into work if it was like this everyday!

I needed to start a pair of socks for the train trip to NYC. It's way too long in a train not to knit. I'm loving this colorway. It's a german superwash wool called Trekking (XXL). It's no different than knitting with Opal. Feels exactly the same.... maybe a tad softer.

I checked out "Purls" website today. They are in SoHo, not far from where I'm staying so I think I will have to hit that store while I'm there. I have never knit with Koigu so that is what I will buy there. We'll be staying in the West Village which is absolutely my favorite area of NYC. I love walking in the Village and around Washington Square. I may not even go to midtown! We'll probably check out Chinatown and Little Italy this time too.

I just got an email pushing great travel deals to Costa Rica. ????? Yeah, sign me up.


Yvonne said...

I buy from Purl. I like their stuff and if you go, you MUST take pics for me. Please. Although I still think you should catch the Flying Fingers yarn bus!!

Heather said...

Yum! I like the colorway there! Great train knitting!

I second Yvonne, pictures, yarn shopping pictures of Purl!