Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day To Me

While at Sam's Club yesterday I walked past the DVD's and, low and behold, the one I've been wanting forever was sitting there right in front of me. My plan was to first read the book, then watch this old version, then watch the new version with Kiera Knightly. Turns out I started in the middle. I'm such a sucker for Colin Firth. What can I say? The guy does it for me. I watched this all evening while working on the second sleeve of Corie. (which is almost complete) I really wish I would have been able to read the book first because I think that's always the way to go. So, yes, that was my exciting Valentine's Day.

I'm going to climb up on the soap box now so if you want to head out before I begin rambling, now would be the time. I am not usually a political person. I tend to leave that up to the people who really pay attention. I normally concern myself with less important things. And I've noticed that the few political views I do have are not the views of most knitting bloggers I've read and continue to read. I still don't understand why all knit bloggers have cats and lean to the left. It's a mystery. Maybe what is bothering me today is more of a media problem than a political problem, I don't know, but if I hear one more word about the Cheney hunting accident and how the administration hid the facts from the American people I'm going to pop a vein. Let me see, as an American citizen, what adverse effect did not hearing about an accident until hours later have on me? Um, none. If terrorists strike somewhere here I want to hear it immediately. If Dick Cheney accidentally sprays someone with buckshot, I can pretty much assure you that I'll be ok hearing it whenever anyone feels like telling me. Why has this incident sparked such political discord? How did we get so messed up as a country and so full of disunity? If the political parties need to grab on to something as inconsequential as this and spend all this time and media coverage bashing each other over the heads about it then we're in big trouble. On the early show this morning they actually had a doctor on explaining the physiological mechanics of the victim's heart attack. Are you kidding me? I'm so concerned about this country and it's collective idea of what's important.

Ok, I'm going to get down now.


Oh, one more thing.... I WOULD have a cat if my son wasn't allergic.


Yvonne said...

Holly, You can be a godmother to my 3 cats, how's that? :)
I'm not quite as riled up about the whole Cheney-shot-someone incident...looking back to the 1930's and 40's, we wouldn't have known unless we were at the movies and saw it on a news reel. Nobody had TV's then. I think a lot of this is our own making, what with 24 hour news channels. How many gruesome murders went untold to the nation in earlier times, because of the lack of world-wide coverage? Frankly, I'm sorry that the birdshot moved to the guy's heart and that he's now had a heart attack...I think there are far more important things going on in this country than Cheney's accident, but this country is so focused on the bad and not the good, that it's inevitable we're going to hear hours and hours of coverage, followed by analysis after analysis. I think our government needs revamped, and I really don't think that what is going on is what our founding fathers had in mind when they created this country. It is no longer a question of qualification, it is a question of money. $2500 a plate fundraisers? Sheesh. How about putting that $2500 toward the local animal shelters or to feed/shelter the homeless.
(Okay, you can have your soap box now.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is pretty much why I avoid watching the news. It seems like beating a dead horse to me.

And P.S., I'm another rare bird who leans to the right and doesn't have a cat, though I'd get one if my husband wasn't allergic!

Donna said...

Hi! I really enjoyed your soapbox speech today. I am one of the minority knitting bloggers who is definately leaning to the right. I don't have a cat cause my hubby hates them and said no way. Now we have the rats, and he loves them more than anyone I think.