Friday, February 10, 2006

Actual Knitting Content

I picked up the stitches for the back of Kepler last night and made some progress while watching TV all evening. (I have to say that CSI was particularly gruesome last night which didn't make me happy) Anyhow, the stockinette is very welcome knitting at this point after all the intarsia and cableing I've been doing lately. I really enjoyed the simple knitting for a change. I just hope this thing fits me because I really like it.

Laurie G. sent me some good instructions for weaving in the ends as you knit with intarsia. Thanks Laurie! I'll put that to the test over the weekend hopefully. My son has promised to help me clean out our little spare room on the second floor tomorrow. I'm envisioning a little nursery there. We'll see. That room is the catch all and it's a total disaster.

Yes, this is new sock yarn and I know I said I wouldn't do it. It jumped off the shelf and into my hands at the LYS on Saturday. What could I do? I have to get a pair of socks on needles because I'm going into bad withdrawal. I took this photo 4 times with my "new" digital camera and this is the best I could get. So, hopefully, this weekend, I'm finally going to search for the box, software, and receipt and take this thing back to Circuit City. Of course I've been there and done that already with a printer and they told me I had to take it up with the manufacturer. I don't care. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get my money back for this piece of junk. Don't buy a Fugi Finepix A345. I am SO disappointed with this thing.

In wine stain news, the stains did not come out of my pants (which were brand new) either. This is NOT good because I have to order my pants online (no one sells talls locally) and now I have to go through that all over again. I did use Oxy Clean on them. Those damn little grapes!!!!!!!! One of the girls I work with told me I should try to dye the aran sweater a dark maroon color and I thought that was a fantastic idea. Any suggestions about how I should do that? I've never dyed anything in my life.


Donna said...

Your sweater is so pretty I can not wait to see it finished. Love sock yarns. Have to great restraint, or I would 10X the amount I alread do.