Monday, May 23, 2005

Finished Soleil.... almost

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Well, it's almost finished. I just need to put the crocheted edging around the armholes and block it. It's big. But, I do think it's wearable. The next time I would make the smaller size and NOT add the extra two inches to the length. All of the posts in the soleil-along said they regretted not making it longer so I went with their advice and added two inches. I think I would have preferred it shorter. Oh well, live and learn. I also regret not grafting the shoulders together instead of sewing the seam. I know I could easily frog that and re-do it but I'm just so glad to have it done that I'm going to leave it alone.

I'm flying to Florida on Friday so I have to start a pair of socks for airport/airplane knitting. I don't think I'll have small wooden needles confiscated and socks are very portable so I think that's the way to go although I'd much rather work on clapotis II. I hate to fly. HATE IT. In order to work up the nerve to get on a plane, I usually just get plastered to the point that I can still function and maintain a look of sobriety all the while being pretty much buzzed into submission. However, with a 7:00am flight on Friday, alcohol consumption isn't really an attractive option this time around. My parents and siblings have stated that they would never fly with me again but they got roped into it again... probably much to their regret. The fear of flying is something that I have managed to pass down to two out of three children. I'm not proud of it. My oldest has recently visited her physician to get the proper medication to endure a flight to Ireland next month. My youngest has stated that he will never fly. Period. Poor kids. It can't be easy having a nut case for a mother.