Thursday, May 05, 2005

Posting just to Post

If you're looking for exciting blog content today you've come to the wrong place. I wanted to add a photo of the baby jacket today but I forgot to take my camera home from the office yesterday so that won't happen. I may not be using that jacket for the baby gift after all. I think I'll keep it in case the jolly green giant ever has a kid. I'll be so prepared.

Cate comes home from school today for the summer. She still doesn't have a job and I'm starting to panic. She REALLY needs a car for next year and she REALLY needs to help pay for it! She'll be wanting help with her Sophie bag which she is currently in the middle of. I thought about finishing it for her but I never did. I'm glad I didn't now because it will give her something to do until she finds a job. She has real knitting addiction potential. Like mother, like daughter. Too bad she can't go to MS&W. The bus is full.

I posted to KnitList to try to find my blue Cascade 220. I've gotten some responses from some really nice people. No solid leads yet but a few maybes. There are other people out there like me who do not keep the bands from their yarn. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have learned though, that from now on, I will keep at least one when I purchase multiple skeins. At least if I ever run out again, I'll know exactly what I'm looking for.