Monday, May 16, 2005

New Clapotis and Soliel Progress

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I forgot how addictive this pattern can be. You can't put it down for some reason. While you are constantly changing stitches, it's an easy repetition to remember. I just love knitting this and this yarn is so different from my last one that the project is still as enticing as it was the first time around.

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Blurry photo of soliel but you can see the progress. I found a "soliel knitalong" and I was perusing the posts yesterday and found that almost everyone wished they had lengthened the pattern. So, with that advance warning, and being at the perfect place in the pattern to take care of that, I added on 2 inches through the body. I will start the armhole shaping this evening... if I can stay away from clapotis long enough. Why, oh why, did I start that thing before I had soliel finished? ADD - that's why.