Friday, April 07, 2006

The Agony Of Defeat

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After working on Michaela for 4 hours last night, this is the result. Not Pretty. A word of advice... don't wait for the perfect row to put the lifeline in. You might not make it there. I can't remember being more frustrated in my life. I will put this away for now and start another project but I will return to it eventually.... again.

I think I'll make some more little accessory bags to felt. They are quick and easy and make great gifts. And I have plenty of Cascade 220 to use up for them. Although I would like to have some brown and green to use with the orange. A trip to the LYS may be in order. I'm always looking for an excuse. Our LYS is having a huge sale to make way for summer yarns and new lines. I need to go check that out anyway.

I think I'm having some withdrawal symptoms from quitting sugar. I have a massive headache and I rarely get them. I cut out all sugar from my diet on Wednesday and I'm feeling the pain. I truly did sit and eat candy all day. I'm a sugar addict and I admit it. I had a cavity at the dentist yesterday to prove it. Damn. I'm even toying with the idea of cutting out caffeine. I need to treat my body better. I don't know. A morning without coffee? Life's short. Why go there?


Yvonne said...

Headache is probably from sugar withdrawals. You need SOME sugar...but natural sugar is best!! Maybe just cut back instead of limit. :) And don't decaffeinate'll regret it!!! :) Decaf coffee is just NOT as good.

Donna said...

Coffee is a must. I started drinking decaf soda, but Yvonne is right decaf coffee just not as good.