Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No Knitting Blues

Will I ever find time to knit again? I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Between the kids moving, work, and my mother being in the hospital, knitting seems to be out of the question. Charlotte probably will not get her socks for Easter. But that won't matter because she doesn't know she's getting them at all.

I lost the pattern that I was using to make the little cable purses. I guess I'll have to write another one. Cate is coming home tomorrow so I'll just look at hers and go from there. I really want to make a few cotton ones for summer and I'm ready to start on them now. It's always fun to do a few small things in between larger projects.

Last summer I started the "W" sweater from knitty and never finished it. I will have to do the other half of that sweater soon. That was a fun knit as I recall although I did end up screwing it up.

The next big project on my agenda will be Kelly's big sweater. I was going to use the pattern I did for mine, but I'm re-thinking that now. I guess I can still use that, it just needs some added length.

The movers are moving their belongings into their new home right now. I need to go check on that situation. Later!