Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I need

a vacation. really. to get my house in order. it is begging for help. i'm never home. and when i am home, in the evenings, i knit. i cannot get into housework after a long day. just can't. and i end up always working on weekends. i was going to take a week when the baby was born and go to delaware, but now that the baby will be here, i think i may just take a few days to spring clean and NOT take time off when the baby comes. they will have plenty of help being among all the friends and relatives.

the lady eleanor stole is consuming me. i can't put it down. it's addictive. you would think it would be boring but it's not. sort of like clapotis. which i loved. but you knew that.

maryland sheep and wool. maryland sheep and wool. don't know what to do. go. not go. a dilemma. i could stay home and clean. there's an idea. nah.

our secretary found out yesterday she's having a boy. another project. add that to the list. somebody have a girl for pete's sake. so many boys lately.

i need to win the lottery so i can pay someone to clean and i can sit and knit all day long. i often wonder if i'd get tired of it. i don't think so. i think i could knit every day for hours.

training a new agent today. field trip to the court house. yee haw. actually i like doing that so it's cool. and i have info to gather there anyhow. i'm off to work now. but i want to just knit.


Z said...

Oh my gosh, I am JUST like you. I just want to eat dinner and then knit. Even though the bathroom has taken on a life of it's own and there are kitty foot prints in the tub...oh yes, even despite that. I have two socks going. I...must...knit. Must...knit... Knit....

Heather said...

Ooo ooo ooo MS&W... Go! Go! Go!