Monday, April 17, 2006

Lots of Knitting Stuff!

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I started the Lady Eleanor stole from Scarf Style with my Irish yarn. This entrelac process is addictive. I can't stand putting it down. It's neat how it works. I think this is something I'll wear a lot in the winter. I love to bundle up in huge scarves. So far I've done two of my New Year's Resolutions - Learned intarsia and entrelac. I think I said lace too. I'm still working on that.

I found the absolute cutest pattern book at the LYS on Friday. I love everything in it. Kelly did pick a pattern for Colin and it just happens to be the one on the cover. It was a tough decision because they are all so cute.

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The little intarsia sweater was a sirdar pattern and I found it to be very user friendly (unlike the Phildar patterns). The only problems is that they don't say actual size in this book. They use chest measurements. I don't know what size to make for 12 months which is what I want to knit.

Here's Cate with her cake. I think she had a good birthday.

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My mother is still in the hospital but doing better after a few days of scaring us to death. It was real rollercoaster ride for a while with her. Thanks for all the well wishes and kind words. My mom is really, really good at dodging bullets. She's been through a lot.


Yvonne said...

Happy birthday (late) to Cate! I haven't learned entrelac yet...but I'm sure I will be, as it looks FUN! I'm glad your mom is doing better. :) Happy thoughts your way, Holly...

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Cate! Yay for Mom! And look! You've knit a challah!!!!!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Cate! I have knitted a lot of sweaters for my grandson and these are the sizes I go by: 20"=6 months, 24"=1 yr, 26" = 2 yr, 28" = 4 yr. Those sizes may seem a little big, but babies grow sooooo fast, that knitting a little big keeps them in the sweater at least as long as it took to knit. Hope that helps.