Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter Socks

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Charlotte's socks turned out great. I finished them late last night after coming home from the hospital. She is going to love them. I love them!

One of our Sheetz stores burned down last night. I got caught in that traffic nightmare on the way home from the hospital. That's really a loss for people on that side of town. That store was busy 24/7.

I hope to get Colin's hospital cap done over the weekend. I ordered an embroidered GT logo from the team store where our high school buys all of their gear. GT stands for Golden Tigers and the team has the logo on their football helmets. Colin's daddy was an All State linebacker here and I think they will get a kick out of the hat when I take it to the hospital. I'm hoping Kelly still doesn't read this blog because I want that to be a surprise!

Well Happy Easter everyone! Have a great weekend.


Z said...

I hope they rebuild it. Knowing Sheetz they probably will. LOVE the socks. How cute :) I am almost done my Twinkle sock for my niece and then of course, I have to do another.