Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blog Stuff

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So remember I said I was interviewed by the local paper for an article about blogging a while back? The article was in today's paper. When I emailed my submission about our family blog I followed the rules and sent my name, my age, my occupation, what kind of blog I had, etc. etc. My submission was about our family blog, not this one. Anyway, I pick up the front page of the Lifestyle section to see the photo of me and Cate and the article starts out, "Holly O'C..., 50, a real estate agent from Hollidaysburg..... " Now I've never been one to lie about my age and I've never had a problem telling anyone how old I am. It is what it is. Right? Well there is something about seeing it in print, on the front page of the Lifestyle section, that doesn't sit very well with me. What difference does it make how old I am for the purposes of that article?? OK SO I'M 50!!! A 50 year old blogger. She's 50 years old people!!! Geez. The whole world didn't need to know that! Ok. I know the fact that I'm going to be a grandmother in a couple of weeks pretty much screams the fact that I'm no spring chicken. But Sunday's paper for God's sake?? It couldn't have been Tuesday or Thursday. I just wish if they had to put my age it would have said something like, "Holly O'C..., 50, (but who looks incredibly younger), a real estate agent...." And then, if this wasn't bad enough, the article goes on to say that we keep the site private and I am quoted as saying that "I'd feel uncomfortable if people saw it." Sounds like we're selling crack or something on the family blog. I'm sure I did say that after she asked me for the website address because I just didn't think it would be cool for millions of people to be perusing our silly little anticdotes and funny family photos. I'm telling ya... never again. This is what you get for volunteering information. I'm going to take a beating for this at work tomorrow. Of course Monday mornings are our sales meetings when everyone is there. Naturally.

And lest you think there is no knitting news, think again.

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Here is the progress on the Lady Eleanor stole. I originally started this for myself but I think I'm going to try to have it done for Mother's Day and give it to my mother. She was cold in the hospital... her shoulders... every time she came back from dialysis. This would be perfect for her to wrap up in. And it has sentimental value too because Kelly brought the yarn back from Ireland.

Well I'm off to volunteer at the MS Walk-a-thon. After a crappy morning of pouring rain, the sun is now shining so that's a good thing. I think I'll wear a sign on my back that says, "Yeah, I'm 50". Ugh.


Yvonne said...

Holly, you are a GORGEOUS 50. And obviously the reporter did not learn how to edit out superfluous information!! Lady Eleanor looks wonderful. I know your mom will love it. :)

Sarah said...

50 shmifty. You look great. No one would believe you're a grandmother!

Lady Eleanor looks lovely. I must try that pattern, especially after seeing you get through it so easily. I know your mother will really appreciate it!