Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Post or Not To Post... That is the question...

I got nuttin. Last night I was so exhausted I swore I was not going to knit and I was going to go to bed early. Instead, I got involved in a two part Law And Order and ended up watching until 11:00pm and got half of Charlotte's second sock finished. So much for not knitting and going to bed early. And, yes, today I am even more exhausted.

I have so much to do in the next few days since I will be in Delaware all weekend helping my daughter prepare to move. My son is going with me. That trip should be interesting. We haven't spent that much quality time in captivity together (in the car) since he was a kid. At least I know it will be entertaining. He's one funny young man. Although, when he hears I want to leave at 7:00am he won't be so amused. He is definitely a nightowl and does not like getting up early. Work is busy and it's not a great time to be hitting the highway and leaving town but what are you going to do? Can't be two places at once. In great work news, I got the listing that I wanted so badly. Now I just have to actually SELL it!

I have been ignoring the Michaela shawl. Between work stress and exhaustion, I can't bear to have to think that hard at night. Hopefully next week I will get motivated to pick that up again. Now that I know about the lifeline idea, I do feel better about that project. I had visions of messing it up halfway through and having to rip the whole thing out. Now I know that won't happen.

Happy knitting.... I'm off to work.... and to the Dentist....gosh I hate that.