Sunday, June 11, 2006


We got back from Annapolis around noon. Why so early you ask? Why so early indeed. You see, when you travel with my husband, on the day you are supposed to leave, from no matter how far away you are, you get up at the a-- crack of dawn, eat a breakfast that would clog the arteries of the entire naval fleet, and you go home. God forbid the laundry should wait a few more hours. Why are men like that? What is their hurry to get home? My friends husbands do it too. I don't understand why you wouldn't try to get just a little more bang for your buck. If I had been there alone, or with a girlfriend, we'd be pulling out of there around 3 or 4pm. Men!

Sunset on the waterfront.

We had dinner here.... traditional Irish food. Great, great food, and very friendly service. It was like being in Ireland all over again.

As we were walking around, I wondered what year the academy began. In my mind, I picked the date 1846. A total guess. Then we came across this entrance. I was only one year off. Weird.

This is Main Street in Annapolis. There are lots of cute stores and restaurants and taverns. It's a beautiful, historic city. Right up around the corner from here is the state capitol building and the governor's mansion. Very impressive buildings. Go see it!

My pictures from my 35mm camera will be so much better than these. I had to lighten these so they lost some of the crispness. I SO need a new digital!

Oh, there WAS knitting! But for some reason blogger won't load that photo. Maybe tomorrow.