Friday, June 16, 2006

Pool, Pooling, Pooled.

So, yes, they pooled big time. But I really like them this way. Is that weird? I guess it is.


E is for Earl Grey. I'm a big time coffee drinker. I need coffee to get going in the morning. But usually around mid-morning, only during cold weather, I want a cup of tea and it has to be this tea. I love the smell and the taste.

Today will be a busy day. I have to tell a guy his house is full of radon and he needs to fix it to sell it. Never pleasant. Charlotte retired and I have to go to a closing for her. And I list a photography studio later in the day. Run, run, run.

We had a little retirement party for Charlotte last night at Red Lobster. I think she enjoyed it. I wish I would have had time to make her another pair of socks. She loves those socks.

We got the granddog back from the kennel last night after the fiasco of two weeks ago. I'm hoping that this next run with her turns out better than the last one. It won't be long now until she can go home. Hopefully the excavator shows up today to fill in the mud pit which was once a swimming pool. He's been saying "yeah, I'll be there tomorrow" for two months now. The dog needs a yard and I need the dog to be in the yard. They had her shaved for summer at the kennel and she looks so funny. She's a golden retriever and now she sort of looks like a vizsla which is weird. I bet she feels better though.

I intend to hit some yard sales tomorrow. Something I've never done before ever. I'm hoping to score some things for Catie's apartment. And if I found a decent stroller that wouldn't be so bad either.

Have a good weekend and knit on.


SJ said...

Now that is the prettiest instance of pooling I've ever seen! I like it, too. I guess when all the colors are really nice and compliment each other, pooling's not such a bad thing.

Yvonne said...

I like the pooling, too! Good luck at the yard sales. I can't believe you've never been yard saling!! That was the height of the summer vacation at our house...LOL

Brenda said...

I think your socks are beautiful! makes me want to buy sock yarn.