Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday Monday... can't trust that day

I knew yesterday was going to be a bad day. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was definitely a 2. There was a moment, when I sold my own listing, that it was a 10. But that was so short lived. That moment of brightness, while it still remains in tact and bright, was quickly dulled when I got home. But, back to the beginning. We were all getting ready for work when Catie stopped in her tracks at the foot of the stairs and announced there was a insect of gargantuan proportions on the step. The look of horror on her face convinced me that I did NOT want to have to see it. I was picturing something like you would see on a National Geographic special on TV. Like something you find in a rain forrest or in Africa or, um... Florida. I couldn't decide whether to yell for my husband to come take care of it or just handle it. I walked over to the stairs. I looked down. It was what we refer to as a "thousand legger" and it was about an inch long. Scary? Yes. To our standards. But not have a coronary, turn white and pass out scary. And this kid is living on her own next semester???? She better have Orkin on speed dial. That was the beginning of the day. Later, after work, I arrived home to find out that Older daughter's golden retriever, who is in our care temporarily, has gone missing.... for the third time in two months. And, yes, this is getting old. I then procede to chase her through the neighborhood. Just as I go to grab her on several occasions, she bolts. I get back in my car and head in the direction she is going. I see her rolling in something. Really rolling in something. Dead animal maybe? Dead animal, yes. And she is so enjoying it so much that she doesn't see me coming. I grab her, and walk three blocks home with her because I will not put her in the car. I get home, call the kennel, and all hell breaks lose. But we won't go there. We definitely will not go there. Then, this morning, I realize in all the commotion, I never went back to get my car. My cell phone was in there and I missed three important business calls. It can only get better today, right?

On to knitting. Presenting Lady Eleanor. There were a few more cute photos, but blogger won't let me load them. Maybe later....


Yvonne said...

Lady Eleanor is GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely awesome, Holly!!

I'm sorry all hell broke loose with the dog. :(

And tell Cate that bugs do not constitute an emergency in Butler...LOL

(PS - LOVE the Mama's and the Papa's!)