Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cate's Erin Bag

Yarn: Kramer Yarns - Tatamy Tweed ... two strands held together
Handles: purchased at JoAnn Fabrics
Needles: Size 9
Pattern: made up... just ask if you want it.

Well she thought she was the bomb this morning walking out the door with this. It turned out so cute. Wrapping the yarn around bamboo handles isn't easy. There is no way to do it smoothly but it still looks ok. Nice job Cate!

The STR socks are pooling insanely (photo tomorrow hopefully). It looks like I'm knitting socks with two different balls of yarn. But I still love them. Cold feet will not defeat me this coming winter!! I'll be so prepared!

Work is going to SO suck today. I have to accompany the sheriff to an eviction for a listing I'm getting through a bank foreclosure. Directly following that, I'll be attend a closing where the buyer and seller are at odds, not to mention the two sellers are at odds with each other!

It's going to be a wine night. I think a nice merlot. Yeah. That's the ticket.


Emma said...

The bag is too cute! I love it. Good luck with the difficult day, and have fun relaxing!

SJ said...

Adorable bag - great colors for summer!

Have you tried alternating balls of yarn every couple of rows on your socks to prevent the pooling?

Donna said...

Love the bag. Gotta make me one some day.

Julie said...

Absolutely adorable! I've been thinking about doing something similar-- talk about inspiration!

Z said...

That is about the cah-utest thing I have ever seen. I love the pink ribbon!

Rose said...

I love the bag and am asking if I could have the pattern. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love your little bag pattern, please could I have the pattern? I see you like Ireland, I am off there, flights permitting on Saturday for two weeks. We are travelling all over, staying in Cork for one week and one week in County Mayo. My email is beverleymckenzie[AT]btinternet[DOT]com. Love your blog, might borrow your photo on a Friday idea if thats okay?

creepy-chan said...

I love the bag! could you send me the pattern? my email is jonxmelissa[at]yahoo[dot]com

thanks =D