Sunday, June 04, 2006

Butler, Slippery Rock, and Yummy Mexican Food!

Not much knitting to report but we did cram a lot of stuff into the last few days. Cate and I went apartment hunting in Butler and Slippery Rock and met Cheryl and Yvonne for lunch at a great Mexican restaurant in Butler called Gutierrez (I think that's what it's called) . The food was great and it was fun to see Yvonne and Cheryl again. Cheryl drove over an hour just to meet us for lunch. That's so nice! Yvonne brought her socks that rock yarn for me to pet. (ha ha) It is almost identical to Koigu. After lunch Cate found a cute apartment in Butler that will be perfect for her.

Lady Eleanor is blocked. I unpinned it yesterday afternoon. The dilemma now is to fringe or not to fringe. I asked my mother what she wanted and she couldn't decide either. I guess I could always put it on and if she doesn't like it, take it off. Sounds reasonable. Photos on that tomorrow.

I did have enough Koigu left on the skein to do a baby sock and it's almost finished. I was going to give them to our secretary but the more I look at that yarn, the more I think I wouldn't wear those on a boy (and that's what she's having) so I think I'll give them to Corie and keep the shortie socks for myself. (c'mon... what were the chances that I was really going to give my first Koigu socks away?? slim and none.)

I'll leave you with a cute photo of Colin. One of the very rare ones where he actually has his eyes open. Notice the bib....


Heather said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!!!