Friday, June 30, 2006

Blown Away

I'm totally blown away by the package I received from Jen for winning her blog contest.
Not only is it all wonderful stuff, it's PERSONALIZED STUFF!!! She put thought into this.
Everyone knows I'm all about being Irish and she included some Irish tea and a cute little Irish book. And, although there was no way she could have known this, Lemon Verbena is my favorite soap scent. I used to make soap and that was my biggest seller and my favorite scent and I haven't had any of it since. (it makes your bathroom smell wonderful) The stitch and bitch journal is really cool and has a gauge thingy which means I can now stop going to the computer every time I have a question about gauge. And, of course, she is enticing me to knit lace with that beautiful skein of yarn. I really do want to do some kind of a beginner lace project after I get something finished for Colin. So, thank you Jen! What a great package. And what a great day to receive it. Up until I got home, I was having a pretty lousy day (as predicted!)

Here is the new Erin Bag I started last night. If you click on it you should be able to see the little pastel specks in it. It's a pretty cotton/acrylic blend from Kraemer. (check those yarns out... they're great and good for Pennsylvania's economy too!) This one will be for my nephew's wife who let it be known that she was just about the only family member who didn't have one. (well, actually, I don't have one!!) Anyhow, she is just the sweetest girl and I'm happy to make this one for her. She asked Cate to do it but I'm a little quicker on the needles than she is at this point. Cate signs her lease in Butler tomorrow. So look out Butler knitters!!! She'll be there in August and I'll leave the increase and decrease lessons to you! (ha ha)


Yvonne said...

HOORAY for Cate coming to Butler knitting!! She can always carpool with me to Cranknitters and ZKnitters...we'd love to have her along!
What an amazing package from Jen!!

Jen said...

Hi Holly,

I'm so glad that you liked the package. I had a fun time choosing things to go in it. And what a happy accident with the verbena soap!

I do hope that you persevere with the pea pod set. That's such a beautiful little sweater!