Friday, June 09, 2006


It has been a long week. Tomorrow we're going to Annapolis for just a very brief getaway. In case you have never been there, it's a neat place to visit. They have a great downtown waterfront and really nice downtown shopping. Not to mention really cute Midshipmen...CATE.

Anyhow on to knitting news.

This is the STR yarn that Laurie sent me. Doesn't it look cool wound?? I can't wait to dig into this. I think I will use this to knit my first pair of socks from the sock book I bought at Barnes and Noble a few months ago. I can't even remember the name of it now... but it will come to me.

Here is Cate's latest Erin Bag ..finally blocking. It looks a little weird but it's just the lighting. It's going to be SO cute.

I'm going to stop at the LYS today to scout around for something for my "other" secret pal. I wish I had time to get help with that little "pea pod" sweater but I really don't have time today.
Check this little sweater out... isn't it cute? GarterSt

ZYX Friday... later today... I promise!


Yvonne said...

The STR yarn looks YUMMY. REALLY yummy! Cate's bag looks great, too!!

Catie said...

I love that yarn and I think you could put it to great use by knitting socks for me with it! I can't wait for my Erin bag to be finished. And, stop with the midshipman thing already! He's just not for me. :-p

SJ said...

Ooh, that yarn looks delish. Looking forward to the full review (so I'll know whether I need to bite the bullet and finally buy some!)