Monday, June 12, 2006

Interstate Knitting

The trip to Annapolis afforded lots of knitting time in the car and I got the Koigu shorties finished. Please excuse my fake tan orange colored legs. Ugh. Nothing works as far as fake tanning products go. For a while I was liking L'Oriel Sublime Bronze tanning towelettes but I'm fed up with them now too. I think that spray tanning works best but who has time for that? Not me.

My "County Clare" Socks That Rock yarn came last week. The greens are so pretty. I'll make Kelly's christmas socks with this.

And speaking of STR, I started a pair of socks last night with the STR yarn Laurie sent me. I really needed to finish the other koigu baby sock but I just had to knit with the STR first. I'm as scattered with my knitting as I am with everything else.


Emma said...

I love traveling sock photos. And the greens in the christmas socks are really beuatiful!

Yvonne said...

gorgeous socks! I don't think you're scattered with your knitting...I do think you have issues with project monogamy though. :) But that isn't a bad thing!!!