Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pea Pod Update

Well, here she is:

Thank you to Vicki and Yvonne for informing me as to the error in the original pattern. And, yes, I was using the one with errors. So, I just decided to cut my losses and start over with the new pattern. But not any time soon, mind you. I've had about enough of this for now. It's funny with this sweater... I usually do not care about a challenge. If something is challenging me, I'll give it up in a heart beat. I normally just don't care and I'm happy to move on to something else. This sweater is different for some reason. I want to beat this sweater. Eventually...

Today is going to be a crappy day. I changed clothes 3 times this morning and sometimes you just know, right off the bat, that it's going to be a crappy day. I hate what I have on and when that happens, you just know. What is it about clothes? If you put something on in the morning that you love, you feel like you can conquer the world. If you end up settling for blah, it's for sure going to be a yucky day. Then, once I got to work, after the half hour long fashion show for self, I realized I didn't eat breakfast. I never do that. Ever. So I guess I'll sneak out of here and grab something before the stomach growling wakes up the kid who's supposed to be working in the next office.

But the question of the day is.... what to knit now that Pea Pod is frogged? I may have to do another Erin Bag while I decide.


Brenda said...

Do you read the Yarn Harlot? She just knit the pea pod and is deciding on buttons. Maybe you could ask her for help? She didn't seem to have any trouble, but then she is the Harlot. I was considereing knitting that sweater for a work colleague who is having a baby and now since reading your blog, I am reconsidering. Please keep posting about it. I know I am going to need some help if I start it.