Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hump Day

Lots of work in the real world to do today and all I can think about is knitting. In an effort to get back to work, this will remain short and sweet. (I think)

I met my sister, Kelly (older daughter), Christina, and some friends for dinner and a play last night so no knitting was accomplished. Christina loved her little Erin Bag. My sister informed me that she wants me to re-teach her to knit so she can make a bag for her business partner. She'll catch on quickly, I know, because she knit a lot in high school. I remember the two of us making a bunch of knit halter tops that I can't believe my mother allowed us to wear in public. Ah, the 70's. Actually, I wish I still had that pattern because they would be adorable re-sized for kids. We put duplicate stitch designs on them and they were cute.

So, I'm off to concentrate more on work, and less on yarn.

Colin thinks that's funny. He knows me better already.