Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend FO's

The Misty Garden scarf is finally finished. I'm happy with how it turned out. I think my sister will like it. I don't know why blogger is loading some of my photos vertically instead of horizontally. It did this last week too???

Again, another wonky photo but this is just the cutest hat, scarf and mittens set from the new "Knit Simple" magazine. There was one other child's cable sweater in that magazine I liked but that was about it. I bought it for the pattern above. I doubt that I'd make the scarf, but I love the hat and mittens. They would be adorable for Meghan.

So here is the finished Highland knee sock. I thought of something after it was finished that would have made it better, but I don't feel like starting over so it's going to stay this way. One down, one to go. And, after I get this pair finished, someday I may make the improvement and actually write the pattern since there doesn't seem to be anything else like it out there. It's really cute. I didn't know I had it in me. :-)

And, lastly in knitting news today, here is Meghan's little mini-Erin Bag. I should have put it next to Catie's regular sized one for scale so you could see that it's much smaller. I think she'll like it for all her little treasures. Meghan is three. I can't believe it. Time flies.

Cate is home from Vegas. We are definitely going to Stitch n Pitch on August 13th at PNC Park.
Our knitting guild may take a bus. We're working on rounding up interest to get the bus filled.
C'mon Blair County knitters... you know you wanna.


SJ said...

What a productive knitting weekend you had! I'm so jealous. I think all I managed to get done was about a repeat and a half on my shawl (and I'm still near the beginning, so those are relatively short rows). Sigh. Maybe next weekend.

Rose said...

Awesome! I'm so impressed with your knitting project. Nice work!!