Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh Wow! Check This Out....

I've had my eye on this book FOREVER. I've had it in my hands at Barnes and Noble and to tell you the truth, I've just been too frugal (cheap?) to purchase it. It came in the mail yesterday from my "other" secret pal! I couldn't believe it! This book is full of timeless, classic patterns that will NEVER go out of style. That's why I love it. Thank you so much to my "other" secret pal.
LOVE this one:

Picked up my "sizzle" yarn yesterday:

I really hope this works. But what's more than that, I hope I find time to make the thing. I'd like to have this done for Georgia in October. It seems that Kiawah SC, would not have us back so we're going to Sea Isle City, GA instead. How could the place be booked for October??? Weird.

While I was at the yarn shop I got some DMC floss for the stitching on the little brown sweater. I couldn't find yarn the right color so I thought the floss would work just as well. I finished the back last night. I tried to post a photo but blogger won't load it. Is there a three photo limit in a blog post or something????

I've realized lately that I've gotten a little over-extended in my involvement in charitable organizations and causes. This is weird too because I really HATE asking people for money. They are all good causes that I feel strongly about but there are only so many hours in a day and my work schedule is nuts to begin with. My husband said yesterday that he'd like to go to Seven Springs this weekend to a concert and I had to tell him I couldn't because I volunteered to sit at a table for one of my causes at a heritage festival at PSU Altoona campus. So. I feel bad because he doesn't usually want to go anywhere and when he finally does, I have to say no. I'd talk someone else into taking my place but they were scrambling for people to begin with.

Oh well, it's off to the world of real estate for me now. Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you like the book. I skimmed though it, and the patterns really are classic.

SJ said...

Ooh, that yarn looks perfect for Sizzle! I'm trying Knit Picks Main Line (merino and pima cotton). Not sure if it'll work, but if it doesn't I'm sure I can find something else. I really wanted something with a nice sheen. What is that yarn again?

Jackie said...

that book looks awesome.

i might have to go pick it up at some point.