Thursday, July 20, 2006

These socks rock!

All "pooling" around aside, these socks really do rock. The medium weight STR yarn has such a great feel to it. These babies are going to be WARM. And isn't it interesting that they sort of match. The green pooling that you see on the sock on the left is also on the sock on the right but it's underneath so you can't see it. Thanks to Laurie G. for the yarn. These are keepers. Sorry Cate. After I teach you to knit on dp's, you can make your own.

When I finished these last night I got ready to dig into the brown sweater for Colin. I tried. I really did. But there in my yarn basket, staring up at me, was the "crayon" yarn. I just had to see how it knit up so I cast on for a different baby sweater. It's a simple stockinette raglan from a Debbie Bliss book that I have. The yarn needs to do the talking do I picked the simplest pattern I could find. It's not going to do anything to improve my skills but it's sure going to be fun.

I was thinking how awesome this yarn would be knit up into one of those pinwheel blankies.

So notice the fake tan on my hand. I tried to go white for a while. Couldn't do it. I feel so self conscious without a tan. And my baking days are over. I've learned that lesson the hard way. Are you listening CATE?

Ok, on to more important stuff. Like Project Runway. While I did think the appropriate person got knocked out, I wish it would have been Vincent. I can't stand his attitude and personality. (and what was with those wonky sleeve cap things on that dress???) I thought Angela really got the shaft. She got this big lecture about not being a team player but HE WOULDN'T LET HER HELP HIM. What was she supposed to do? I thought the whole "team leader" thing was unfair.
I thought the best dress was definitely Laura Bennet's. Gorgeous, sleek, and classy. But, didn't the girl (Miss U.S.A.) specifically say she didn't want white?? That dress would have been equally as beautiful in another color. Laura Bennet could design for me any day. I love her style.

I have to show office space all morning. How I hate that. Why? I don't know. I just do.


Yvonne said...

GREAT SOCKS, Holly!!!! They are gorgeous. I agree that the crayon yran would make a beautiful pinwheel blankie. :)

SJ said...

Fabulous socks! Were you using a pattern, or did you just use your own sock "formula"?

That crayon yarn is so perfectly suited for a child's garment, too!