Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Knitting, Needles, and Waterford Yarn Balls

Sometimes you just have to be patient and let the yarn speak to you. I usually cannot do this. Remember the ribbed scarf I was making from the MS&W hand painted yarn? Well I didn't like it at all so I ripped it out a few weeks ago and on Monday evening a light bulb went off in my brain. It IS the perfect yarn for the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style. That scarf was designed to show off hand painted yarns. Glad I thought of it......

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I'm using the Denise needles for the first time with this project. I really like them a lot. I wasn't sure I was going to but they are great. They are very pointy and I just love that. I still have to buy the longer extensions yet. Maybe next week.

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I was going through my yarn and I noticed that the little left-over balls of Koigu looked so cute. I thought... what can I do with them? Then I remembered the little waterford bowl my mother got me that never gets used. So I put a bunch of little yarn balls in it and it makes a cute decoration. Good thing I don't have cats!

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Cate had a good day yesterday. She scored a computer desk and a kitchen table and chairs for FREE for her new apartment. And, as you can see, she really, really needed them!

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Jen said...

Love your scarf - that yarn looks just perfect for it!

Yvonne said...

Whoohoo on the new furniture!! Awesome!

The yarn balls are great...and so is the scarf!!