Friday, July 21, 2006


Here is the front of the baby raglan. That really knit up fast! I'll have this finished in no time. Then I actually CAN start the brown sweater. Hopefully I can get Cate started on some mittens this weekend too. Need to make a trip to the LYS for some Cascade 220 and dpn's for her.

I've been thinking about knitting blogs lately. Thinking in the sense that they are all so different and interesting. People are interesting. Take for instance the one I read all the time that I have recently decided to stop reading. This knitter is obviously a genius. A true genius. For a long time I found her blog interesting but lately I've decided that reading it is like being in school. She is "technical" about her knitting. There are charts and graphs and explanations. She obviously isn't happy unless her knitting is challenging her to a degree that I could only dream of. If I had even a hint of her intelligence I'd be happy. But I have to say goodbye to her. (um... not that she cares or even knows I read it) I wish her well. Bye. Mix in a headband every once in a while and rest your brain!

Then there is this other one. (and none of these are anywhere near local... out west for the most part) This girl is constantly lamenting her life's situation. Very sad family/relationship situation. Very sad financial situation. Very sad living conditions. And yet, every week, there are photos of new books and yarn stash that she has purchased. I don't understand it. I'm glued to it every day just to see what she buys next.

And, of course, there is the poser. Whom I love. She is most entertaining. She needs to update.

There is another one I really like. The girl designs. Her blog is a hoot. She's a fabulous knitter and a good writer. And she must have an awesome husband because someone is taking those funny photos of her. When I think about her, I think that she must feel like she needs to think and "prepare" for her blog posts a lot. Like a story deadline. It would be like pressure to me.

We're an interesting group of people. I like us.

Work is nuts today... gotta go. Oh, and yesterday I remembered why I hate to show office space. It sits empty for so long that cobwebs form everywhere and you walk through them and are constantly wiping at your face to get them off of you. Terrible.

Happy Weekend. Happy knitting.


Yvonne said...

okay, I have to know. Who is "The Poser"?

Sarah said...

Okay, I think I've identified the techie knitter (Grumperina?) and the witty designer (Knit and Tonic Wendy?), but I'm dying to know who this Poser is! I could use some knitting-related comic relief!

Anonymous said...

I know who "The Poser" is! It's not a good thing either because I am terrible at keeping secrets. Don't worry, Mom...I will try not to let it slip. You are right though, she hasn't updated in a while.