Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Knitting, Baseball, and Laundry Dreams

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Here is the photo that blogger would not allow me to load yesterday. I'm anxious to sew this up.
These colors are SO not true. They are not nearly this bright. They are much softer and prettier. (like I said... girlier)

I got about 4 inches of the back worked on the little brown sweater. It feels so thin after working with Shelly's yarn.

I got my sister started on a little Erin Bag on Sunday. She hadn't knit since college. It's like riding a bike. She did great.... even with the cables. Look out. She'll be knitting up a storm now. She's going to London next week and she's all excited that she'll have something to do on the plane now. She could probably have a second one started by then. (knitting an Erin on the way to see Erin...ha ha) sorry.

Tonight is Habitat for Humanity night at the Curve Game. I have to work the table so I guess it's ballpark food for me tonight. Always nutritional and fat free. Right.

I had a dream last night that I was doing laundry in our church basement. It was like a laundromat. I'm figuring that was God's way of telling me that I better stop doing so darn much knitting and get the laundry done.

Ok... gotta go fight with FAFSA now. God... I promise to do the laundry if you'll just get me through this FAFSA thing.