Friday, July 07, 2006

Knitting progress.... or lack thereof

I spun a few more little skeinettes for Colin's hat. That wasn't going well so I stopped. I think you have to be in patient mode for that and last night I wasn't. So I put a few inches on the Misty Garden scarf. I'm itching to start that baby sweater but I'm not going to until the scarf is finished. It's my sister's birthday gift. I got that yarn at MS&W specifically for her. Those are her colors.

Work is crazy. It's either crazy or dead..... there's no in-between..... and we're heading into crazy. But crazy is what pays the bills so it's a good thing. Bad for knitting, good for Slippery Rock... and Penn State.... and West Chester parent plus loans.... still.... ugh. These guys better take good care of us in our old age. :-)

Happy Weekend.
Knit on.