Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Knitting Night

Once again I sat there all evening with my camera within 2 feet of me in my purse and forgot to take a photo. We met for the second time at a beautiful new assisted living facility in Altoona. It was the first time for me though because I had to work the last time. Lovely place. And what gracious hosts. There was a whole tray of homemade cookies and fudge waiting for us along with pitchers of lemonade. We met some lovely residents. Shelly entertained them (and me) with her spinning and we enjoyed each other's company. Oh, and while we were there, an old friend from high school, who happens to live in Arizona now, came in to visit with her mother who lives there. So that was nice to get to see her again.

Here is the yarn I purchased from Shelly. I can't wait to knit something cute with it. The colors are beautiful. It will make a great child's sweater. I'm picturing a cardigan with different bright colored buttons. I hope I can find a pattern. It seems to be somewhere in between a worsted and bulky weight. It will knit up fast.

Doesn't it just remind you of a box of crayons??? Remember how much fun it was to get a new box of crayons? That's how I feel with this yarn. Yeah, I'm crazy.

I made good progress on Colin's other knee sock and when I got home I put some length on the second STR sock. It won't be long until I can start Colin's brown sweater. I'm definitely on the home stretch.

In non-knitting news I read online yesterday that Angelina Jolie is estranged from her father, Jon Voight, because she still holds some animosity toward him for cheating on her mother when Angelina was a toddler. How funny is that? I'm sure Jennifer Anniston is still rolling on the floor.

Oh, and yes, the sleep problem is under control. Thank you Tylenol PM.