Saturday, September 03, 2005

Housework Interrupted

My Friday night plan was to clean house while my husband went to the high school football game. But as I was walking past the blocking cable purse I just happened to put my hand down on it and I noticed something that needed attention...CONSTRUCTION!!! It was DRY! So, goodbye housework, hello little purse. I forgot to take a photo of the lining but it turned out so cute. I do have an intended recipient for this little number but since she may be lurking here from time to time I'm going to keep it a surprise.

So when I was finished with the purse, and felt like I was on a roll, I picked the sock back up and turned the heel on it. I love that process. People who don't knit socks don't know what they're missing. It's just plain fun.

Although the lovely Cate came home for the weekend for the Penn State game, she declined to model the big blue sweater (finally finished) and told me that she would take the photo of me in the sweater. Apparently she can't be photographed unless she is totally camera ready with make-up and hair done to perfection. So, anyhow, here's the sweater... notice the bright blue on the sleeve. I don't care. It's warm and cozy and will be great for the winter. And, in truth, it's not quite as noticable in real light as it is in this flash photo.