Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Some better photos of the little purse. I just love that thing!

Last night was our knitting guild night. I missed the first hour and a half. So I missed the starting of the chemocaps that we are donating to charity... I'll have to start that on my own, and I missed a spinning exhibition by Shelley (who recently found my blog) and now I can't find HER website to show you all her beautiful yarns... but I will direct you there when I find it again. I am definitely going to order some of her hand spun bulky yarn to make another rolled collar and sleeve sweater for my daughter, Kelly. She had some gorgeous yarn.

Carla, our LYS proprietor, said that there is a request to donate yarn and needles to the displaced victims of Katrina. Apparently knitting is good for stress relief and there is a movement to send this stuff down there to keep the people's hand busy and their minds off their problems. It makes sense. It helps my stress level, that's for sure. And speaking of stress, I'd be knitting up a storm if I was at home today.

One more vehicle problem and I'm going to SCREAM. My car is in the shop for the second day in a row after spending a few hundred dollars on it yesterday. The engine light came on AGAIN this morning on my way to work. So now we are down to one borrowed car. One stolen, one broken... one manic woman trying to remain sane. And at the same time, I'm telling myself....with everything that is going on down south you should be ashamed of yourself for wallowing in self pity over a few car problems.

Back to knitting... I'm in LOVE with another pattern that I found online. And it's totally FREE.
Check out this blog... and scroll down to the Kepler Post of August 17th. It's so totally me I can't stand it. Gotta have it. fathom


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