Friday, September 30, 2005

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh

So I'm having the worst work week of the year, totally stressed to the MAX, and I come home to find the most gorgeous yarn of all time in my mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pittsburgh Secret Pal. You MADE MY DAY!!! I will post photos tomorrow (the software doesn't work on my home computer) and show you this lovely hand dyed sport weight yarn that is going to be so perfect for my baby project. I wanted the perfect yarn and I GOT IT!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited????


Anonymous said...

hey!! secret pal pgh here! i really hope you really do like the yarn...i feared that you just wanted to be nice to me...sigh. low self esteem much...i know it is really pretty, i know you haaate purple. no more purple of any sort in things to come! i swear it! i cannot wait to see what you make! i just ordered a bunch of yarn to dye, prespun, i have worsted weight and laceweight merino...which do you prefer? and do you have a colorscheme you would like? let me know soon, i hope to dye sunday or monday...

it sucks that you have had such a rough time of things...i had a super bad week a while back and i came home to an amazing package and note from my secret pal that made me smile. actually, i cried, but it is nice to know that there are simple pleasures left in the world. you know? and nice people, especially after dealing with asses at work.

your dalai lama news is very exciting! i saw him speak when i was in college and he was the cutest man i have ever seen. so cute and happy, despite all the terrible things he has to worry about. we should all trying never wearing a watch.

oh, and your son is gorgeous! you must be so proud! like a model!

ok, i must go do email stuff. let me know about the yarn...use the usual email. you don't know who i am do you?

oh, are your puppies allowed treats?

secret pal