Tuesday, September 13, 2005

knitting boredom

I wish I had some exciting knitting news to report but the truth is that I'm still plugging away at the alpaca scarf. It's almost finished and then I'll move on to the next Christmas project. I can't wait to get them all out of the way. (are you supposed to feel like that about Christmas gifts???) I think I have 4 pairs of socks to knit and a few felted purses and then I can move onto the baby things which I AM looking forward to. When all that is finished, I'll start a big sweater.

In non-knitting news I have to report that I am extremely PO'd at QVC. I KNEW there was a reason I never watch that or ordered anything from them EVER. I happened to be flipping through the channels one night a few weeks ago and caught a segment on a hair product that looked like it just might be the answer to my fine, thin hair so I got totally sucked in and ordered it. $40.00 later I am stuck with a product that is the same as spraying water into my hair. (think of the yarn I could have purchased with that money!) If anyone has any experience using Nick Chavez's "flocker" hair spray, and knows some magic trick to get it to actually do something with hair, let me know. And, yes, I know I should send it back but I didn't keep any of the paperwork or stuff that would make it easy to do so I'll just consider it a loss. So, enough about hair!

I think I'll stop at the LYS today and browse around a little for my secret Pittsburgh pal. I like her already!


Anonymous said...

heya! as far as qvc goes, they have your info in their computers, just call their 800 number and they will tell you what to do, and give you your money back. i have sent back things my mom has gotten, with no problem, and i have had food from there that i didn't like and they credited me and i didn't even have to send it back! qvc has a 100% satisfaction promise, and they will take it back, even if it was all used up.