Friday, August 18, 2006

By Jove, I Think She's Got It!

I worked on Trellis and Vine last night but I picked this up this morning before work and tried the mattress stitch again. As you can see, it's a nearly invisible seam with just a few little twists and turns in the road. The increases and decreases cause you to have to switch rows but it looks pretty good in my estimation. The only problem is, when you pull out on it, the seam does not look good. So, if it is tight fitting, which I don't know about yet, I may have to do the back stitch after all. This top is shorter on me than I had envisioned. In Wendy's photos (knit and tonic), the top seems so much longer on her. My guess is that I have a long torso and that is what makes the difference. I still think it will be fine.

T & V is coming along. It's fun to work on. The flash of my camera makes this blue look lighter than it actually is. This is going to be great with jeans and a white blouse and also as a scarf with my winter coat. I know I should be working on Colin's sweater but I can't put this down at night.

The big news around my office is that we are becoming a Howard Hanna franchise. Those of you in the Pittsburgh area will be familiar. I'm pretty excited about it. Our independent office has always been regarded as more of a commercial/appraisal real estate office and we're hoping that this move will improve our residential sales business. I think it definitely will. My hope is that I'll become SO busy with work that I won't have time to knit.

just kidding... c'mon, you know me better than that!


minijaxter said...

both items look fantastic.

have a great weekend

Yvonne said...

THOSE ARE AWESOME! I love trellis & vine. I hope you try convertible!!

Donna said...

yes, convertible is great. I worked on mine last night.