Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Ok... on to other stuff....

My yarn came for Forbes Forest. I have to say (don't hate me) that I'm not a huge Knit Picks fan. My theory is that most of the time, you get what you pay for. But in truth, I really haven't given them much of a chance. The yarn of theirs that I used for a summer top last year feels like (and looks a bit like) that stuff you make the dish cloths with. I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head but suffice it to say I was not impressed. But I'm willing to give the wool a try. Especially after seeing this:
b r o o k l y n t w e e d: Forbes Forest (or "Finishing What We Start")

I'm hoping to get this finished for my husband for Christmas. He never asks for anything. I'd like to surprise him. Of course I have about 19 projects ahead of this one.

I had hoped to get the baby sweater sewn up last night but it didn't happen. Maybe tonight while I watch Project Runway. I figure that's about a half hour job and then I'll work on the Trellis and Vine Shawl.

God I love to knit. Why can't we get paid to knit??? For ourselves. Wouldn't life be awesome if that's how it worked?


minijaxter said...

Ive been trying to figure out the same thing.
How do I get paid for something I love to do?
And then my logical side kicks in...think of the hassle and the carpal tunnel and the deadlines:)

Yvonne said...

I'm with you on the KnitPicks yarn. I know there are people who love it...but I'm just seriously not impressed, at least with their wool or their sock yarn. HOWEVER...let it be known that I have a few (like 6) skeins of lace weight that I AM enamored with. Can't do anything with because I'm lace-challenged, but I am enamored with it.

natasha said...

their more expensive yarns are nice, though. i don't use their stuff much, but the shine is nice, and the baby alpaca silk one is really nice, as well. i just think that their plain wool ones are...well, just plain wool, and you, like me, don't tend to use plain cheapy stuff, so we are spoiled. i don't like using stuff that isn't really soft and nice. i did notice that they started carrying some superwash merino in worsted and sport weight which is nice, especially for baby things. i think a lot of people don't care if it is soft or not, you know? so if you make big projects often and it doesn't need to be luxurious(why not?) i guess it works. i got their new needles though and they are awesome. my only complaint is that the smallest cord is 24 inches, so no hats unless i do magic loop. odd.

oh, and as for knitting for a living...the only thing is that you don't get to make the stuff you want to make or make stuff for yourself. it is a strange thing, but i find that when i have orders to go out for stores, i have projects i want to do for myself, but can't do em and it bums me out a bit. like i have a boutique order and would love to try out some of my new sock yarns that i dyed but i can't. boo hoo. i am not a good multitasker.

can you tell i am getting caught up on my bloglines all at once?