Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunday at PNC

Cate and I went to Stitch n Pitch yesterday... or is it Pitch n Stitch?? Well whatever it is, we had a good time. It took us a while to find the Stitch n Pitch table and get our bag of goodies and of course Cate had ants in her pants wanting to get to her seat so she could watch the Pirates warm up before the game. (I felt like I was with her father) The girl has her priorities all screwed up. Good Lord! You would have thought we went to watch BASEBALL!

There was some really neat stuff in the bag. I'll be able to make Colin a cool Steelers hat with the yarn that was in there. And the bag itself is nice too. Yeah, we'll go back next year.

Socks That Rock in the County Clare colorway. Yes, I'm using two balls of yarn this time to prevent pooling. You'll notice that we are sitting in peanut heaven. We (the knitters) had awesome seats but Catie and I moved to be out of the sun. It was just too darned hot.