Thursday, August 31, 2006

Knitting Sabbatical

I didn't intend to take one. It just happened. Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of your knitting?

I worked on this last night:

Colin's sweater. I have only the right front to go and it will be finished. Notice the little pocket. I slipped a business card in there. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I did a pocket. Slick how that works. It looks kind of boring at this stage but I think it will be really cute with the red blanket stitch around it.

As for Sizzle, I've had some comments about taking it in on the sides. I had that done last summer on two of my tops ('s Soleil) The results were ok but not great. I tried it on again this morning and a thought occurred to me. I think I can wear it under a jacket if I pin the hem in the back. I know that's not a very good solution, but I actually do wear a lot of jackets with sleeveless tops to work and I tend to keep the jacket on all day anyhow. At least I'd get some wear out of it that way.

I picked this up in the supermarket this morning:

It has some really cute things in it. ( and one ridiculously hideous thing... you'll know it when you see it) For those of you who knit for kids, it has two toddler sweaters in it that are absolutely adorable. Check it out.

On the home front, my son, who's old enough to know better, broke his hand last night playing tackle football with no protective gear on. He came in our room at 12:30 and said he was going to the emergency room. I gave him his insurance card and said ... have at it buddy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom.

Even though I don't have the internet in my apartment, don't think I haven't been reading your blog daily. :) I miss you.

Shell said...

Ohh How sweet of Catie to leave that for you Holly!!
Soo the lace weight---- humm shall have to find some neat patterns and bring to guild on Tues...have to encourage you now don't I??
Have a great weekend - and try to stay dry!