Thursday, August 10, 2006

Knitting Plus (lots of other stupid stuff)


Last night I babysat Colin until 9:30pm so not much knitting happened. I did finish the baby socks while watching Project Runway. I will give them to our secretary today.... she's about 3 weeks and counting. Baby Levi will soon be here.

Since I didn't have a chance to do it last night, I picked up the baby sweater this morning and re-visited the mattress stitch to seam stockinette edges. It looks a little funky since the colors don't match but I think it's ok for my first try. Actually I may have done this before about 30 years ago but who could remember??? I hated to put it down to come to work. I was on such a roll.

Ok, Project Runway last night. I was blown away by Angela's dress. I would so covet that dress if it wasn't so low cut. Modify that sucker a little and I'm all about it. It is simply gorgeous. The premise of last night's show was to design for a former fashion icon but modernize the look for today. Angela had Audrey Hepburn and she was dead on. I would love to have seen what Laura would have done with Audrey Hepburn. Her taste is more my taste. I think she would have also done a stellar job. She had Katherine Hepburn. I would wear what she designed. But it wasn't as awesome as Angela's dress. As for Bradley... what was he thinking??? I felt sorry for him. But, man, he just asked to get tossed with that one. Ok, I know I'm talking to myself here. What can I say? I just LOVE that show!

On to the world of work... We are hiring a secretary for our branch office. I am receiving about 50 resumes a day. I am appalled at most of them. You can't believe it. Where were these people in SCHOOL? What happened to the rules of grammar? Spelling? (i'm not the best but I do use spell check when it really counts) Here are two of the sentences that I've read over and over:

I seen your job advertised in the paper....

I done secretarial work in the past.....

I want to call each of these people and help them improve their resumes so they can get a job somewhere else. But there are way too many of them. Actually, that is what I did when I worked at Manpower. People don't realize how much a bad resume hurts them. And bad grammar is the kiss of death. One of the most intelligent people I know had the most horrendous grammar when I met her as a colleague in a former job. She grew up in a little mountain community where everyone spoke that way. She never knew any differently. I don't know what goes on in those schools but I don't think that the teachers could compete with the home environment. Anyway, our boss took her aside one day and told her that if she wanted to climb the ladder of success, she better do something about her grammar and do it quickly. She didn't tell me at the time that he said that to her. She came to work a total mess for a few days and I knew that something was going on. Her eyes were bloodshot. I could tell she had been crying and not sleeping. She was quiet (and she was NEVER quiet) She finally told me what was said and that she had considered quitting because she was so upset. Instead, she ended up working really hard to correct her grammar and her career just soared from there. She has a very important job today. I wanted to kill that man at the time for hurting her like that. Turns out, it was the favor of a lifetime.


Yvonne said...

Kudos to her for taking his comments to heart, though, and improving herself. You're right; grammar is appalling. Ask a court reporter!! Heehee. I love when I get transcript corrections back (deponents have the right to read their transcripts) and they almost always say "I don't talk like that" -- yet they do.

SJ said...

Bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. drives me nuts, but people's inability to write is what keeps me in a job! I'm always amazed that people can attain very high levels of success -- MDs, PhDs, etc. -- and still not be able to write!

Cheryl:) said...

Boy, too bad I don't live near you, so you could hire me. I speak more goodly and I done worked as a secretary before.