Friday, August 25, 2006

Knitterly Birthday

My birthday flowers. Pretty, huh? I love those Bells of Ireland. Our local florist uses them in almost every bouquet. I say that, but actually, maybe they just put them in the things we order because of our last name. They probably just think they SHOULD be in there.
I got gift certificates for here and here. This is a positive thing. My family finally "gets" me. I'm thinking a few new books and lace weight yarn and maybe yarn for a Lady Eleanor shawl for me.

Work is insane. I had to complain about another agent yesterday to her broker. I've never done that before. But in this business when you mess around and procrastinate doing your job, it messes with people's lives. I won't sit back and watch someone's laziness mess with my client's life. There's no excuse. I'm busy too. But you have to do what you have to do if it means missing dinner, or the kid's ballgame. We signed on for this. You have to get it done. Now, of course, every other dealing I have with her will be miserable because she'll have it out for me. But, having said that, the paperwork I've been looking for for a week was on my desk this morning when I got to work. Signed 4 days ago. No excuse. None.

Cate is packing up her things today and taking a load to school. I'll miss her. She still needs a couch. I told her she can line up her kitchen chairs and pretend. We're going to have to find something somewhere.

It's a Habitat For Humanity weekend for me. I'm working tomorrow and Sunday morning at a fundraiser for them at WalMart. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I love the cause. I hate the fundraisers. But, hey, I signed on for that.