Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pssst....How Many Months Along Is She????

That's what they'd be saying if I actually wore this. (and I was 15 years younger)

Sizzle is way too big. What is it with me and summer tops? Every one I have ever made is too big. It still needs the seed stitch trim around the arm holes. I think I'll finish it and hope Kelly will wear it. As much as I like it, I'll definitely try it in a smaller size next summer. And it turned out not nearly as low cut as it shows in the photo on the pattern. Which is good. I thought I would have to wear a camisole under it but I really wouldn't have to.

And, just to amuse you, here is Clifford, the big red dog, and Colin. Clifford made an appearance at my little nephew's birthday party on Sunday. So guess who's in that Clifford suit?? Yep. There isn't anything I won't stoop to.

My baby is 21 today. Where did the time go? I am assuming that this is the handiwork of his girlfriend who must have made a visit in the middle of the night. That poor van. It takes so much abuse. In the last year alone it's killed a deer, been stolen and made a few drug runs to Philly, gets treated like a dumpster day in and day out, and now the humiliation of tacky decor. It will welcome the relaxation of the junk yard some day.


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the fit of Sizzle. What size did you end up doing? I still haven't started mine because I haven't decided whether to go up a size or down a size (I'm of course in that size gap). Then I also have a gauge issue to deal with.

Size issues aside, it does look really nice in that yarn! Will it shrink at all if you wash it?

Shell said...

Dang Holly, I know what you mean about not getting the fit you want. I still havn't finished the one top I started this summer as I messed up.
You are such a trooper! I bet they loved the visit from clifford!