Monday, August 28, 2006

just wrong on so many levels

Sizzle- definitely looking like maternity wear.

And what about this excess baggage under the arm?
(check out my little star shaped scar - ran into a wire fence at the age of 5)
There definitely should have been some sort of shaping under the arm. As it is, the fabric sticks way out under there.

Form fitting? I think not.

It's in the dryer right now. I forgot to take a look before I left for work.
Hopefully it shrunk. I'd love to be able to say, "Honey, I shrunk the Sizzle!"


SJ said...

Yikes. Hope it shrinks up. I'm getting nervous about mine, and I'm definitely doing the smaller size. Sounds from her blog like lots of people's are turning out too big, so we can probably blame this one on the designer.

Shell said...

Dang Holly - I certainly hope it shrinks some for you.
Hate to do work and end up with something not fitting right.
Glad to see you got great presents!!

Nonna Rose said...

It does gripe you when you work on something like your top and it just doesn't fit like you thought. I hope it did shrink. Let us see the outcome. Oh well! Every now and then "bad things happen to good knitters" (smile)