Monday, August 14, 2006

knitting stuff

The little sweater is all finished. I'm not very happy with it. I think the sleeves are way out of proportion to the body of the sweater. And I had to add a row of crochet around the neck to try to pull it together. The neck was so big it wouldn't have have stayed on the hanger... or on the kid for that matter. And, lastly, I knit to gauge and this was supposed to be a size 12 month. It's more like a 2T. Not one of Debbie Bliss's best efforts.

The start of Trellis and Vine from Magknits. It has those two tiny strips of lace knitting, the exact same sequence of stitches every row, and I'm still biffing it up. I must be either forgetting yo's or not passing the stitch over on the skp's. Hopefully the blocking will hide the mistakes. I like the Jaeger Matchmaker yarn.


Shell said...

I think the sweater turned out great! Love it!! Don't you dare give up on that Trellis and Vine - you will be lace knitting soon! I have faith in you!

Opal said...

I really like the way the sweater turned out! The Trellis and Vine looks like it's coming out really well too.