Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Projects Galore!

Above is a great photo of my STR yarn NOT pooled.
If you'll recall, when I made my socks, it pooled like crazy.
I'm making these little baby booties with the left over yarn.

This is the start of the Trellis and Vine Shawl from Magknits.
After I started it, I remembered that I gave the pattern to my sister
so I had to stop until I can print it out again. Our printer at home is broken... has
been broken for some time. Gotta get a new printer!

The baby sweater is all blocked and ready to sew up. I have to re-acquaint myself
with the mattress stitch for this one. I'll have it done in time for Bedford Fall Foliage Shelly. I promise!!

Below is a photo of the little present the Ligonier Police Department bestowed upon me on my car windshield on Saturday. In my little town, we don't have to feed the meters on the weekends. Parking is free. I guess our philosophy is that we're just happy to have people visit and shop on Saturday and Sunday. Silly me. I thought everyone did that! Apparently Ligonier is not so generous and forward thinking.