Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tea and Lace

Okay. I have the yarn. Now all I need is the pattern, the time, and the brains. Somehow I think the easiest one of these things to acquire is going to be the pattern. This is Scakel Merino lace weight. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately there are about 8 important projects ahead of it.

This being one of them:

I know it's hard to tell right now, but these are my boss's hunting socks for Christmas. I scored this stuff at the LYS earlier in the week. It's worsted weight wool superwash from Kraemer Yarns. Warm and washable. What more can you ask of hunting socks?

So this is totally awesome knitting weather. Too bad I have to work all day. I can picture myself curled up in front of the fire just knitting away. Oh, wait, we don't have a fireplace. So I'd be curled up in front of the television with whatever golf tournament happens to be on with some college football game on the radio in the background, listening for the dryer buzzer to put another load in and worrying about what to cook for dinner. Work is sounding better all the time.