Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stop the world. I want to get off.

No, not really. It's just been a little crazier than I'm used to. Thanks to everyone who sent email about my parents. They are hanging in there. Mom is doing better and and Dad is still doing ok with his chemo. Everything is a day at a time.

Son got rear ended at a red light and the van (from hell) is no longer road worthy. Thus I'm driving a borrowed car so my husband can drive mine and son can drive his. Craziness.

We have finally transitioned at work. We are now officially a Howard Hanna office. So that is a load off. Still a lot of work to be done with that but the big things are accomplished.

Knitting content?? Nope. Unless you want to consider the fact that I can't find my Clapotis knitting content. I tore the place apart this morning looking for it. I wanted to wrap up in that today and it's nowhere to be found. I'll find it eventually. I'd like to make another one of those. Something in blacks and greys. If anyone has any good suggestions for yarn, I'm all ears. I LOVE that pattern. If you haven't gone there yet, try it. It's so much fun.


Yvonne said...

Nora made one recently ... I can't remember what yarn she used, though...although it was gorgeous!! Also, they had one on display at Knit Wits in Greensburg that was made with the Autumn House Farms was lovely!

Cheryl:) said...

I have some Autumn House Finnean's to make's on my TO DO list!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

So far, I have made three Clapotis using Autumn House Finnean's and I am about one third done with another. The Finnean's works really well with the pattern. It drapes nicely and has enough body to carry off all of those dropped stitches. Sometimes though the skeins of a colorway vary a good bit. At first, it was disconcerting, but somehow it seems to work with the diagonal layout of the pattern. I made one for myself, one for a charity auction, one for a friend and am currently making a second one for the same friend as unfortunately an airline lost her luggage which among other things contained her Clapotis! I wear mine alot - in the winter I can get away with a lighter weight dress coat with the Clapotis as a scarf. The Finnean's washes well and also I've had luck with it wearing well. It doesn't seem to pill at all. I have found that I need five skeins, but I only use a scant amount of the fifth skein. You could also drop one pattern repeat or make the scarf one section narrower and four skeins would work. Good luck. Whatever you use, I am sure it will be beautiful. You always do such a nice job.

LaurieG said...

What about Knit Picks Andean Silk? I think one of the marls would be great.