Thursday, September 14, 2006

Project Runway

Since I have no knitting to discuss, you get Project Runway babble. (I did knit last night. Trellis and Vine. Do you want to see the progress for the 5th time?? I think not. Pretty boring stuff.)

Re: Laura. This woman designs for me. I have loved every single thing she has created. Now, I wouldn't wear this because I'm too old for it. But lengthen it and I would love it. Like her or loathe her, Laura's got some classy taste in clothes. The other designer that I think is near genius is Michael. I wouldn't wear most of his things but I appreciate them for the younger generation. He has never designed anything that looked cheap or silly. Now, Jeffrey, on the other hand hasn't designed anything yet that I would classify as not silly . Just silly. How in the world could he have remained on the show after what he did last night???

Why is he still there? There is ridiculous, and there is beyond ridiculous. What is that... thing... around her boobs? I can't stand his attitude and my 3 year old niece could come up with better designs. Personally, I think he's still there for the ratings. I'm sure there is a faction who can't wait to see what the next piece of crap from him will be. People love to hate him. And Bravo loves the hype. I can just picture all the Bravo execs sitting around the table saying... "Can you believe what they're going to be saying about this around the water cooler tomorrow??"

Ok.. I got that out of my system. Sorry for the rant.


Cheryl:) said...

I agree with you. I would buy Laura's dress to take on my next cruise vacation (to wear to the cocktail party or formal night),it it were a tad longer...........

Jeffrey's girl looked like a hooker.

Anonymous said...

ok but in defense -Vincents Was AWFUL!
it was too short...too simple...even with the model issue
i cant believe they brought him and angela back and would have much rather to have seen allison and robert come back.

that being said i liked lauras dress and have liked most of her clothes. i just dont like her.

jeffrey i like. i have liked a lot of his designs but i agree with the designers show me something different... something elegant that isnt rocker - i know its your style but still.

kane on the other hand I LOVE KANE and i will miss him but he didnt follow the rules - there was no white and after his elvis outfit his taste is too white trash.
it just doesnt work if it isnt an evening gown. kane will be very successful if he can find a backer to do evening gowns and pageant dresses...that is his thing. this show is not that - they are looking for a well rounded designer and so far Micheal has my vote on that one.
Uli - everything is too Miami.

sorry so long but i love project runway and im not back to blogging till next week.