Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Knitting Night

I was able to add some length to Trellis and Vine last night. I'd say it is about 1/3 complete. I have a long way to go before Oct. 5th. (well, actually, Oct. 1st if you consider blocking time) Ugh. The pressure's on. The Jaeger Matchmaker merino DK is so nice. I highly recommend it. It is so soft.

Colin's sweater is dry and ready to sew. I can't decide between a back stitch seam or a seamless garter stitch seam. I read how to do that on, but I'm thinking if I use the back stitch, it will take up some width and that might be good because it looks a little big for him. The floss will be used for a blanket stitch trim around all the edges.

In non-knitting silliness, I got this cool pen in the mail that has a lazer hickey on it. I get all these free pens in the mail because they want me to buy them to hand out to clients. This morning I was playing with it, and the dog noticed the lazer light and was trying to chase and bite it. Needless to say, I ended up having a lot of fun with that. Poor dog. Well I have to get my amusement in life somewhere.


Donna said...

The Jaeger is lovely! I am using the same yarn in yellow to make a baby blanket. I don't know what the retail of the yarn is, but I paid a $1 per ball. There were only two and I snapped them right up.

Jackie said...

the sweater looks good and trellis and vine looks good too.

ah laser pointers and animals a good time for all.

my kitty who passed away this year used to play with the laser pointer when she was younger but when she got older she was too prissy for that.

and im glad your dad does not have leukemia.