Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Stuff

I've been a bad blogger. I'm so behind in catching up with everyone's news and knitting. But in my defense, there has been a lot going on. Work is insane with the transition. So much to do to get it completed. Much more than we ever realized. New signs, letterhead, office policy manual to be written, send licenses back to the state, advertising... the list goes on.

I did knit over the long weekend. Colin's sweater is blocking. Vine and Trellis is coming along. Tonight is knitting night so I should be able to put a few more inches on that. I want to get that finished for the beach on Oct.5th. I've decided to send for those stainless steel blocking wires to block it when it's finished. I wished I had had them when I was blocking Lady Eleanor so I know I'm going to want them for this. Then I'll have them for the LACE. I've decided I'm going to be a lace knitter if it kills me.

I am accompanying my father to a doctor appointment today that is very critical. He is getting some blood test results back that could be very bad news. All indications are that it is not good.
Keep a good thought. He takes care of my mother. Life is really scary sometimes.


Jackie said...

good thoughts good thoughts....
hugs hope all goes well.

Rose said...

I'm keeping your father in my thoughts/prayers. I hope all goes well!

LaurieG said...

Good thoughts for your father -- Here's hoping all the news is good.